Miss Pearce has been teaching 5R all about Impressionism. The children took photos in the school grounds and then used oil pastels to layer colour and add texture.


Sound - True of False?


This week in Science we have been learning all about sound. Next week the children will be creating their own musical instruments and have been told they can bring in simple, recyclable resources such as: cardboard tubes and boxes, yoghurt pots and elastic bands. We will have some resources in school.


5R's Wellbeing Collective Worship

5R did an amazing job today of presenting and performing the importance of keeping our body and minds healthy.

Have a lovely weekend,

Your very proud teacher!



We have enjoyed another wonderful term with your children, but for now enjoy a relaxing break and we will see you soon!

Mr Earles and Miss Ransley


Easter Service

Year 5 have worked very hard to retell the Easter story. Well done to the readers, actors, singers and soloists on a fantastic performance this morning!


Ancient Greek Day!

Year 5 had a fantastic day yesterday. They ran their own Olympic events for years 3 and 4, shared some of their inspirational speeches and tasted traditional Greek food. A huge well done to the thought and effort year 5 put into organising the events and creating banners for their cities - we saw some fantastic costumes too!


World Book Day 2019!

This year's costumes were amazing! Well done to everybody for the fantastic effort.