DT Project

Year 5 have been researching a range of advent calendars to aid their designs. Today, they have practised their sewing skills and have worked collaboratively to create a final design.  


This week's spellings

New spellings are given out every Friday, we understand some are possibly not making it home!



This week Year 5 have been practising and performing poems to the infant classes, and even Mrs Willoughby!


Titanic Cabins DT

Complete Titanic cabins! The year really enjoyed creating their Titanic cabins.


HIBA Book Reviews


Today year 5 carried out an investigation to try and calculate the area and perimeter of the playground without using any equipment.


Athletic Event

Today some children in Year 5 went to an athletic event at Henry Cort Community College.


More Special Visitors!

In year 5, we have had the privilege to explore and name a new gritting lorry for Hampshire roads.

Most voted names:

Gritiana Grande

Gritly Come Dancing

The Great Gritish Scrape Off

Spread Sheeran

Royal Gritania

Ron Griteasily

The Walking Spread

We will let you all know the winner as soon as we find out the result!


A Special Visitor

Before the Remembrance Service this morning, we had the opportunity to ask a very special visitor some questions. We found out about her story of being evacuated from London during World War 2.



We have been learning about water and air resistance this week. We made parachutes and tested them from the pirate ship.